New Year - Fresh Start

2019 was a pivotal year for TivFoto, after a few inconsistent years not knowing what or if I wanted to pursue anything with this type of art, the number of Vintage Style Travel Prints I had in my catalogue severely increased in the first few months of the year. I had a relatively successful 2018 Christmas season and this made me think a little about where these artworks could go. Thing was I only had a few examples to my name and needed to expand. After new year, I soon got stuck into making more and more and the focus (after a chat with a friend of mine who works in the design world) was on works of our hometown of Halifax, I had this idea of a calendar in mind. In March I met the owner of the Yorkshire Gallery in the Piece Hall, we shared a few opinions about the superb work in his shop and discovered our shared love for music. After a 20minute natter about 'stuff' I got the courage to get my phone out and show him some of my pieces with a hope that he might like them.

In June 2019 I delivered 80 bubble wrapped limited edition prints in 2 different sizes to the Yorkshire Gallery and haven't looked back since. The period between meeting the owner and delivering those prints was a hive of activity trying to learn what to do to make this happen. I decided to contact some of the other artists in the shop and they were very helpful. A watercolour artist told me where he gets his work printed and then I found out that the same printer also printed my favourite artist's paintings and that was a deal sealed for me, I'll use him then!. At the same junction I found out where the same two artists got their pictures mounted and framed and that was also a done deal as far as I was concerned, I'll use them then! All of these services were in Calderdale which was another bonus and it turns out they were very competent and likeable people.

I researched 'How to Sell Your Art' and realised I needed to have my prints as limited editions, meaning I need to sign them and number them in a rolling sequence with a maximum number which I chose at 200. I also found out the best way to do this which was to place the edition number to the bottom left and my name to the bottom right of the image, both best achieved using a high quality 2B Pencil. The next thing I noticed on the other artists work was a certificate of authenticity, I looked online at some templates for these but I didn't like the way they were formatted so I decided I should create them myself. Finally, I needed to make sure the prints looked like a tangeable, durable product which was actually for sale and looked like it was for sale and that meant the mounted prints needed a cellophane bag which was sealed, just like i'd seen in the gallery.

Since the first delivery in June, I've had 6 really great months and has suprised the hell out of me in terms of how popular the prints have become, returning each month with a new batch of prints to restock what has been sold. I sincerely hope this continues.