Based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England, TivFoto Travel Posters was born out of a love for the outdoors. I first started observing the landscape and its ever changing attributes through landscape photography in my 20's when out walking with my friends, an artistic discipline which I still love to practice. Whilst this was happening, in the background and while at home, I was continuing to pursue a love for computer aided graphics, making flyers, banners, logos, personal projects and generally just loving what you can do with a computer. Little did I know that these 2 passions would somehow join together.

Now, I create hand crafted vector prints using skills honed over a lifetime. My aim is to create as many local Halifax based prints and prints that represent subjects close to my heart and from subjects further afield such as the Yorkshire Coast. Each poster print that is made takes on average 10 hours to do as I don't compromise on the detail which is something that I've come to love about these artworks, they are a product of passion, a labour of love, if you like. And for that reason you won't find many similar examples of these subjects anywhere else.

The idea, for the style I like to pursue, is to illustrate the subject and to title it with the utmost respect and appropriacy whilst being concise and on point, taking inspiration from the golden age of travel art. Sometimes, though, I am forced to abandon an idea because it's not going well, I need my work to be consistent and that sometimes means failure.

From my first poster print in 2015 of the M62 - 'It's Quicker By Car' I have gained a keen following of my style and I have many clients who use my work to promote their businesses. These include Barbour, Yorkshire Water, RSPB, The Lantern (Hx), Loafers Vinyl & Coffee (Hx), Pride & Provenance (Hx). I now have my work for sale and on display at the Yorkshire Gallery at the Piece Hall in Halifax.